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Board Member Tools ––

As board members, your fiduciary duty is to make the best decisions possible for your community.  Good decisions require good information from experts.  An effective board meeting is organized around an efficient meeting agenda and board packet. 

Our board packet will always include:

  • Meeting agenda
  • Minutes of the previous meeting for review and approval
  • Current Month Financial Statement (balance sheet, income statement, reserve fund summary)
  • Intent to Lien Authorizations (if necessary)
  • Written Management Report (including summary of violations and recommendations for Board action)
  • Committee Reports
  • New Business Items for Review
  • Old Business Items for Review
  • Copies of Correspondence To and From Owners

The board member only area of our secure Custom HOA Websites will give you direct access to:

  • Invoice review and approval
  • Vendor invoice history
  • Board packets
  • Financial statements
  • Management reports and action lists
  • Review of all owner account details include assessment payment history, CC&R compliance, architectural applications and vehicle registration information

As Albert Management customers you will have exclusive access to our quarterly Board Member Training and seminars which cover the most current issues facing communities here in the Coachella Valley.  We can also arrange for orientation training for your new board members as they join the team.

Training Tools

We understand it can be time consuming trying to keep up with California law, the Davis-Stirling Act and HOA best practices.  Our job is to bring the information to you and help keep your board members informed and educated.  Our quarterly training sessions will help your board members understand their fiduciary duty and best practices in association governance.  In addition, we'll provide some practical tips and tools to make the job of board member easier.

Our most recent training sessions covered:

  • The Future of Water for California Communities (in partnership with CVWD)
  • Essentials of HOA Budgeting
  • Overview of Changes to the Davis-Stirling Act in 2014
  • Dealing with Difficult Homeowners
  • Reviewing & Understanding HOA Financial Statements and Collection of Delinquent Assessments

As your board members change following annual elections, we can also provide a board member orientation program designed specifically for your community.